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JBN Bahia: octaEra partners with Agroforestry Carbon to offer metaverse in investments

Strategic partnership offers social investors governance over their agroforests in a transparent, reliable and interactive way

Source: JBN Bahia

Publication date: July 19, 2023

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octaEra, a startup that bets on the virtual world to bring socio-ecological education, bringing cultural and environmental knowledge from Brazil and the world, has just announced its new strategic partnership with Agroforestry Carbon. The objective is to offer transparency to clients, through the development of an exclusive metaverse for each project, where green investors will have access and follow the growth of their agroforests in immersive 360º visits. In addition to both companies already being active working and promoting agroforestry in indigenous communities.

Agroforestry Carbon is a company committed to building an agroforestry future and combating global warming with climate justice. Recognized for connecting companies that seek to improve their ESG indicators with farmers that cultivate regenerative agroforestry systems, the company uses georeferencing technologies to track and store detailed information about each step of the process.

With this partnership, social investors will have even greater transparency in the application of their resources, as octaEra will develop a timeline of agroforests, recording and identifying them in 360º, with real images and videos, allowing them to be viewed through online access, and also ensuring that they can be disclosed as part of its social actions, in an innovative and interactive way.

"Agroforestry Carbon is a company in which I deeply believe, because its work is not limited to selling carbon credits from native and existing trees, which are generally inaccessible to family farming, but rather, carrying out compensation as a tool to restore degraded areas through agroforestry systems of small farmers.

This approach is fully aligned with our vision and our values of environmental preservation and restoration, thus strengthening our partnership, reinforcing our commitment to the environment”, says Octavio Tristan Morato Leite, CEO and founder of octaEra.

According to Gabriel Neto, CEO and founder of Agroforestry Carbon, the partnership could be a watershed for transparency in the carbon market. “We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with octaEra, a visionary startup that shares the same values and environmental commitments as we do. The collaboration will allow our social investors to have access to transparent and interactive governance over their agroforests.

In addition, customers will be able to prove their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) actions, engage employees, boost marketing campaigns and increase sales. This transparency and additional engagement will help achieve significant results in terms of education, sustainability and positive impact on society.

octaEra, which is based on values of sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility, is committed to developing itself always following ESG principles, seeking strategic partnerships to drive positive actions in terms of the environment, social responsibility and governance.

In addition, octaEra presents its White Label solution to the market, where it develops 360º virtual tours, allowing Companies and Organizations to register and create their own interactive, immersive and customized experiences with their own contents on their websites and in the metaverse.

This White label product allows companies and projects to be present virtually, in 360º, being able to prove their ESG actions, train new employees, publicize their products, present production processes, enhance marketing campaigns and leverage their sales, thus ensuring greater transparency and engagement with their customers and stakeholders.

According to Octavio, the companies are excited about the strategic partnership and expect to achieve significant results in terms of education, sustainability and positive impact on society. Both are committed to providing innovative solutions that contribute to a greener and more conscious future.

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