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Technology and the Amazon: use of technology as a fundamental tool for forest conservation

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

With the advancement of technology, the protection of the Amazon is benefiting from new solutions. While drones are capable of flying over the forest and capturing high-resolution aerial imagery that identifies potential threats, metaverse technology offers a unique and immersive perspective of the site.

The use of drones, for example, has become increasingly common in different areas, from package deliveries to crop monitoring. In the Amazon, this technology is also successfully used to monitor places with deforestation and help with forest conservation.

In addition, some companies have stood out in the sector, offering environmental monitoring and preservation solutions using drones and other technologies. octaEra, for example, has developed a solution in the metaverse and on the internet, which allows you to visit the forest from the inside, in an immersive experience that simulates the reality of the Amazon in 360º.

However, the use of technology in the Amazon presents important challenges, such as all the difficulty of access, as well as the need to respect the laws and regulations that protect the privacy and rights of the indigenous peoples of the region. Therefore, it is essential that companies operating in this sector have a responsible and ethical approach to their use.

Despite the challenges, technology has proven to be an important tool for protecting the Amazon and preserving its biodiversity. With its progress, it is possible to imagine a future in which the forest is monitored and protected by a network of resources that work together to guarantee the health and survival of its species.

Foto: Marizilda Cruppe / WWF

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