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  • I would like to travel to the village of the experience, what do I do?
    Contact LOT Travel, we're here for it!
  • I don't agree with some information I saw on the platform, what do I do?
    We are here to bring you good, peace and LOVE. If something has bothered you, please contact us via email ( and we will do our best to resolve your request.
  • How to access octaEra digital experiences?
    Access via PC, mobile or VR, log in, and enter the desired experience. Make sure you have a valid ticket or plan to enter the experience.
  • Why is it an Ancestral Metaverse?
    Combining technology with ancestry. In the ERA of the metaverse, where we already live virtual worlds, realities and experiences with extreme mobility, ERA that we have also learned, that much ancestral knowledge was lost due to lack of records or through real destruction. It is also the ERA that we had the idea of registering, supporting and strengthening the mission of local and indigenous cultures, which fight for the preservation of the Nature of our Planet. A nature that is constantly changing, and unfortunately, we see it getting worse. We bring you the record of this nature, creating a historical record of certain places, as well as being able to teach and educate our, and future generations, about how the world is changing and how our impact is destroying our Mother. Ancestry comes from this same nature, and when we add it to the knowledge and wisdom of the original and ancestral peoples, who know very well how to live and co-exist as part of something much BIGGER. We bring this knowledge and teachings to the world in a creative, interactive and highly accessible way.
  • What happens when I request permission to participate in an experiment that hasn't been released yet?
    We will receive your request and put you on the contact list to be informed as soon as the experiment is launched. You will not be charged anything until you actually sign up after the experience is launched.
  • How can I pay my entry ticket?
    After selecting your experience, you will be redirected to the Wix Payments page, where you can choose your payment method. Payment is 100% digital and secure.
  • I am a teacher and would like to use the platform in my classes, how do I do that?
    If you are going to use it alone, just a simple entry/plan is enough. If you have to share with other colleagues but you feel you don't fit into the ENTERPRISE plan, please contact us at info@ or by our form.
  • Do I need to have a VR to participate in the experiences?
    No! Our platform is free and adaptable. With the SAME input/plane you can access our metaverse in many ways. PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile and Virtual Reality (VR) equipment
  • If I log out, shut down the pc, or log out. How do I get back to the experience within my ticket period?
    You just need to access, login (with the same credentials used on the day of payment) and search for the program of your experience(s).
  • Por quanto tempo terei acesso à minha experiência?
    When purchasing an entry ticket, it will be linked to your username (and password) registered at the time of payment (or login), and will allow you access for a specified period (usually 15 days), from the selected date by you, for the chosen experience. In the case of choosing a plan, you will have access to the entire platform, for the time determined in the choice at the time of contracting (2 Weeks or Monthly).
  • How long does it take to visit an experience?
    It depends!!!! Is very…. The experiences are great, you can spend days getting to know an entire village. Or it may take minutes to find all the animals in the village. Here you are free!! That's why we leave your access free for 15 days, so you can come back more often and do everything you have to do! We suggest that you write down the areas you've already visited so that next time, go visit the others... Like in an amusement park =)
  • Is this product recommended for children?
    YES! We developed our entire platform thinking about the future of the planet, and for that, children are our greatest allies! Our animal search game, simple visual communication and thinking about the time children already spend in the world of technology. We envision that octaEra, at least, is an environment that will bring more real sensations and a contact with something new on our planet. In other words, kids, enjoy!
  • If I have a problem, how do I contact you?
    Contact us using our technical form
  • What is a Digital 360 Experience?
    An experience based on a Virtual Tour, with panoramas, REAL, and 360º photos, which allow you to look in all directions and move around the place. Something close to what you know with Google street view. In our experiences, visitors can still interact and learn with the locals, see photos and videos, hear the real sounds of the place, learn from nature without having to take risks and without having all the costs of a real trip.
  • What is the octaEra Metaverse?
    OctaEra was created to provide EVERYONE and ALL people from all over the WORLD with the opportunity to arrive, discover and FEEL hard-to-reach places around the world, always looking for places where nature and indigenous peoples bring us new knowledge and wisdom.< /p> After many trips, partnerships, work, a lot of collaboration and programming, we created a platform where you can access all this, from wherever you want, and in a language you understand!
  • The Experience is lagged, what could it be?
    To bring this universe to you with higher quality, we use high resolution images and videos. Therefore, our experiences end up bringing a lot of content via the internet and thus depending a lot on the conditions of each user's connection. Factors that can cause slowdowns: Internet bandwidth overloaded (or slow) PC/mobile with full memory Old equipment not compatible
  • Can't use or connect VR
    Watch the video!
  • Radio - I'm having difficulties with the experience radio
    We are currently developing our platform for experience radio further. Today we use SoundCloud. To keep the radio on, you need to leave it open. In case you want to hide the radio box. Click on the SoundCloud album, so that it opens in another window, and leave it playing as the background on your PC/Mobile.
  • How to change language?
    On the website, click the + icon on the right TOP, and change your language. In octaEra - In the Tutorial landing page, you can change the language of the entire platform already. And at any time you can also change the languages through the SIDE MENU.
  • Login problems
    Some ideas for you to check out: -Are you using the same email you used on payday? - Remember that you may have done it through your Google username or Facebook account. If you still have problems, please contact us via our technical support form
  • If I have a plan, do I need to pay entry ticket?
    No, if you have a contracted plan, you will not have to pay the individual entries
  • How is the ENTERPRISE Plan different? What will I have access to with this plan?
    This plan allows different professionals and people to use the same subscription. Licensing for schools and institutions. We see that our platform can be used in different environments, such as: Classrooms, Events, Launches, Publications, Parties, Ceremonies, Companies and others.... We are still designing this model and it may suit your case. Contact us and we will find a solution for your case!
  • In case of changes in plan values, what happens to my already contracted one?
    Every contracted plan guarantees the visitor a 12-month guarantee with that value, that is, in the event of a change in plan prices, those who are already registered and paying will be entitled to the old price for another 12 months. Our guarantee for you who will bet on the growth of this platform. Can you imagine? We hope to have more than 10 experiences available soon. =)
  • Plan Renewal
    You can choose whether your monthly plan is renewable or not. If you select automatic renewal, payment will be collected monthly, and your access will always remain active!
  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
    Go to: User > My Plans > Cancel
  • Why subscribe to a Plan?
    The Plans will give you access to ALL octaEra experiences. A special value for you to become our partner and get to know our entire Metaverse. Different ethnicities, different places, different experiences….
  • What access will I have when I subscribe to a Plan?
    By subscribing to our plans, you will have access to all experiences available on the platform for the contracted period. Today, we have two options for you, who are an Individual (PF) visitor: - octaEra for 2 weeks - Monthly octaEra (renewable or not) For Legal Companies (PJ) we have the octaEra ENTERPRISE plan
  • I can't make the payment
    Verify your credit card. Try another card or payment method (Pix or Boleto). If unsuccessful, please contact us at or our contact form.
  • In which currency can I pay in addition to Brazilian R$ (BRL)?
    Wix Payments will collect all payments in BRL (Brazilian Reais), however, if you want to pay in another currency, just use your Credit Card on our platform, and the card brand will be responsible for the conversion fee.
  • What payment methods are available?
    We accept payments by Credit Card, PIX or Boletos (conditions according to Wix Payments)
  • How do I change my payment method?
    Go to: User > My Plans > Payments
  • Compatible devices(PCs, tablets, cell phones and VRs)
    Through your PC, via a traditional browser (we recommend Google Chrome) Through your cell phone* (iOs, Android or other) through a traditional browser, or with a VR (virtual reality) glasses *Gyroscope - If your phone does not have a Gyroscope, some functionality will be limited. Read more about Gyroscope here
  • recommended hardware
    The newer your Hardware, the better your experience. Very old iOs phones, or outdated versions of Android can also experience compatibility difficulties. If your device encounters difficulties, send us a technical form, informing the brand, year and model, and we will verify what happened.
  • Gyroscope - What is it? And what difference does it make?
    The Gyroscope is a sensor present in many smartphones, which allows you to rotate the phone, and it detects your movement. Our 360 universe allows you to utilize this feature if it is available to you. If in doubt, click here and learn more about what the Gyroscope is.
  • Recommended internet network
    For fixed connections, we recommend connections of a minimum of 150MB/s for a faster experience. Slower connections can hamper your experience and we don't have much to do on our side. If you have a good and stable network, and you are still experiencing problems, please contact us using our technical form.
  • Compatible VR (Virtual Reality) glasses types
    If you have a Cardboard VR* (Mobile Virtual Reality Set). You can access octaEra directly from your cell phone, and at any time activate the VR MODE in the SIDE MENU. And then put your cell phone on the VR equipment. (see video) * You may need to install a virtual reality driver/app. Check which one is compatible with your device If you have a complete virtual reality device (eg Glasses Quest 2), access it directly via Browser.
  • I would like to advertise my brand/company/project on the platform, what do I do?
    Contact us at or our contact form
  • I would like to set up an octaEra exhibition in my establishment (bookstore, exhibition, others...) what do I do?
    For us it will be an immense JOY. Contact us by email (, our WhatsApp or contact form
  • Are the trips/expeditions for all ages?
    YES!!!! We love having the more experienced with us too. We will find the ideal accommodation for you and your needs. We have already taken people of all generations to both Africa and the Amazon. COME LIVE! This is the best age….
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Yes! We always guide and recommend travel insurance! Our destinations are unusual and require greater attention and protection from travelers. During the travel acquisition process, we advise on all the needs and requirements of each trip.
  • What are the payment methods and conditions?
    We accept different types of payment for travel. It can be done by PIX and must be totaled before your trip, or through a Link generated by the SumUp operator. This link allows payment of international credit cards and up to 12 installments for travelers. *This link generates an extra fee to be paid directly to SumUp The payment terms and conditions for each trip will be presented after contacting our team and the travel terms will be properly signed before your trip.
  • Do you do business trips?
    YES! If you want us to organize a safari for a group of your company, or a group of clients for example. We will bring you the best options and guarantee a safe and quality trip. Talk to us!
  • What are the types of accommodation like during LOT trips?
    Multiple. We have options from indigenous campsites to super comfortable hotels in the African savannah. Tell us what you like, and we'll find the ideal solution. The only mantra is… TO ALWAYS BE CLOSE AND CONNECTED with Mother Nature.
  • - I would like to take children, can I take them?
    OF COURSE! We love having children with us. Some itineraries are more challenging for the little ones. But talk to us and we will try to create the ideal experience for your family. Even in the Amazon, for example, children are invited, having to pay only for transport and logistics.
  • I am Foreigner, how it works?
    Of course! We serve in Portuguese, English, Spanish and even German. During your trip, we can arrange (additional cost) a translator according to your need. Please let us know when quoting. In expeditions, we always offer the international and indigenous interface between everyone involved
  • How long are the trips and expeditions?
    The expeditions are scheduled for fixed and determined periods. You will join our team to explore this world in a safe and sustainable way. As for trips and packages, we can prepare itineraries from 3 days to 3 weeks. It really depends on your availability.
  • What is the value of custom packages?
    To assemble your custom package. Generally, we charge an amount of 30% of the total value of the trip (remembering that this does not include the air portion). In specific cases, such as groups and packages for companies, we analyze case by case and also put together a personalized offer. In pre-defined packages, our margin is already included in the presented value, and represents less than 25% of the total value of the trip.
  • Are flights included?
    No. We do not work with any airline, but we advise travelers on the best flight options for each destination. We have experience in this search =)
  • Do you make custom packages? What do I have to do to assemble my package?
    YES! We do… We want to connect you with our destinations. We have itineraries as suggestions but we can adapt to your budget, availability and travel desires. There are several ways to get to our destinations. We can fit you in a group with our partners, set up a trip exclusively for you and your group, connect you with the villages regardless of whether we are (or not) hired to organize the logistics of your trip. Talk to us. Important to have in mind before contacting: Destination Options Estimated budget for the trip Estimated Dates Number of people Whether or not you need a translation.
  • How does LOT execute its social projects?
    We reserve in our Fund all donations and percentages collected from sales, in order to verify the amount collected for each partner (every 6 months), and thus aligning with local leaders, in which projects we will invest and work . We will contract all the necessary services and we will support the execution of the services with the resources of this fund.
  • I would like to donate but I don't know where to start...
    Of course! We receive donations in Reais through Pix. And in foreign currency by PayPal. Go to the donations page and be a part of it all. We guarantee transparency in the use of two donations.
  • How many % of projects are reverted to projects?
    From each octaEra experience, we will revert half of the net income of each virtual visitor. From the trips, 5-10% of each package reverted to this fund. From the products, we revert 20% of the net income.
  • How will LOT's donations and social projects be made?
    We agree with each village that half of our net income comes from their digital experience. They will be reversed in social projects aligned with the leadership of each village. The projects will vary according to the needs of each case, but always aligned with our mission and social values. We intend to coordinate and hire all the necessary specialties for the execution of the work generated with these resources.
  • I want to buy a product, but I couldn't buy it online, why?
    We do not sell products online. We have little stock and very customized and specific parts. Contact us via WhatsApp to find out more if you are interested in any of our products.
  • I would like to order a series of products presented on the website, what do I do?
    Contact us via WhatsApp. We will make a special quote for you.
  • Why do you say products are social?
    Because we revert a % of each sale to our Social Fund. Go to the Social Projects section to learn more
  • What is the Company's mission?
    Our Mission is to rescue people's ancestry and make human beings aware of our relationship with nature, with the future of the planet! By connecting people to nature and indigenous peoples, we increase our perception of the whole and our sense of urgency to change our habits in order to bring prosperity to our planet and our species.
  • How many experiences do you plan to launch in the future? How often?
    Our goal is to release at least one experience every 2 months. In our initial pipeline we aim to reach 6 by the end of 2022 more than 14 complete experiences by the end of 2023
  • What can I expect from the future of octaEra?
    A platform in constant update, bringing more ancestral knowledge, technical improvements and improvements that accompany the new technologies of the planet. We intend to bring new languages, new features, more content about nature, new ethnicities, new destinations, more interaction between users, and much more... We won't tell you too much about the next destinations that we will add here on the platform. But we can already say that the destinations that already exist in our travel company will soon be added to octaEra (aKa Africa and Jamaica)
  • Who legally represents the company?
    Its founder and current manager - Octavio A. Tristan Morato Leite
  • I would like to contribute/participate/strengthen the octaEra project and the Like Old Times mission, what do I do?
    Contact us! We are always open to partnerships and creative ideas.
  • Does octaERA have the image rights and license to use all images and videos used on the platform?
    YES! We always work with transparency and in partnerships with everyone involved in our platform. Our cause is social and we even have the leaders involved in all decisions.
  • What is the Company's vision?
    Through innovative and integration projects, we want to raise the necessary resources to bring about the transformation of the planet that we believe in. A world where human beings and nature live in balance and mutual respect. Part of this transformation comes in strengthening social projects with indigenous peoples and registering all the wisdom of nature and spirituality that they have and that have been threatened by the "modern world". At the same time, this "modern world" needs to learn from our origins, how to love and respect our neighbors and mother nature.
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