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Company: Octavio Augusto Tristan Morato Leite 34138491821

Commercial Address: RuaFrancisco Leitão 469 cj 607 - Pinheiros - São Paulo, SP, Brazil - 05414-025

CNPJ: 41,468,925-0001/49

Contact: +55 11 99460 0811


The octaEra Services, as well as all content provided on our platform, is protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property laws and treaties.


The copyright of all images and videos present in octaEra is owned by octaEra, or by third parties where they have given us the license to use them. If by any chance someone believes that their copyrights or those of third parties are being infringed through our services, please let us know through the  form  contact.


octaEra and the 'infinite'  logo are trademarks owned by us.

If you haven't received our authorization, don't use them anywhere.

Third party notifications

The software installed on each device used to run  octeEra  may contain  software made available under licenses (open source or free software). “Open Source Software”) and/or licensed commercial software. Our Terms of Use do not change any rights or obligations you have under these Open Source Software licenses. Additional information on Commercial and Open Source Software, including mandatory acknowledgments, license terms and notices, is available here.

Last Updated: May 04, 2023

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