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The benefits of connecting with nature

The benefits of connecting with nature are many and varied, and the Amazon is a privileged place to experience them. The forest is the greatest natural treasure in the world, with unique biodiversity, majestic rivers and indigenous communities that have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. Connecting with nature in the Amazon can benefit physical and mental health, as well as the local economy.

This connection can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost energy and creativity. The Amazon rainforest offers many opportunities for this, from hiking and camping to boat trips and bird watching. Studies show that exposure to nature can also improve concentration and memory, which can be especially helpful for students and professionals.

In addition to health benefits, connecting with nature can also help preserve the Amazon and other natural ecosystems. Actions such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving and restoring the forest, and connecting with nature can help achieve the important goal of preserving the Amazon and ensuring its long-term survival.

The local economy can also benefit from connecting with nature. Ecotourism is a major source of income for many local communities, offering sustainable employment and business opportunities. By supporting ecotourism in the Amazon, visitors are also helping to preserve the forest and ensure the well-being of local communities.

We can never forget that we are part of nature, we are animals like everyone else. We feed, we feel thirsty, we sleep, we wake up, we procreate, we are born and we die.

Some habits that we have created as a society have taken us far away from this contact with nature. For example, receiving less sunlight, always having shoes on and not in direct contact with the ground, or even eliminating most of the animals in the region due to a fear that one has created that they are dangerous.

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