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Ambiental Mercantil: Virtual Reality in Environment Week, octaEra launches experience

Source: Ambiental Mercantile

Publication date: June 4, 2023

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June 2023 – In celebration of Environment Week, octaEra, a startup that bets on the metaverse and the virtual world to bring knowledge about the nature of Brazil and the world, has just launched a new 360º immersive experience on its platform, The Trail in the Amazon Rainforest.

The digital expedition comprises a trail of more than eight kilometers, round trip, which would take about six hours to complete in real life. Located near the city of Feijó, in Acre, and within the Katukina/Kaxinawa Indigenous Territory, it is filled with information and tips on how to survive in nature, where to find water and make fire.

The new experience includes several 360º videos, which guarantees greater user immersion and deepens the feeling of really being in nature. In it, it is possible to listen to the sounds of the forest, such as the noise of animals and birds, in addition to perceiving the size of the forest with its ancestral and centenary trees. At the end of the trail is the Ni Shuvini village, which can also be visited in the metaverse and is present on the platform.

octaEra was officially launched on the market in April and its main objective is to connect users to innovative content and indigenous peoples and to present to the world knowledge and information from places that are difficult to access, such as remote indigenous villages and trails through different biomes. To use the platform it is necessary to obtain a subscription and access is carried out through the website. Half of the net income will be donated to the participating native peoples with the objective of contributing to the protection of their cultures and preservation of nature and the planet.

Initially, our project was designed to take digital travelers from all over the world to the Amazon and raise funds for social projects with indigenous villages that we have had a sincere and caring relationship with for many years. Throughout development, we saw opportunities on several fronts, such as subscription platforms, education, art exhibitions, events, white label customized projects, among others”, says Octavio Tristan Morato Leite, CEO and founder.

According to the creator of octaEra, after several feedbacks from the market, presentations, meetings and demonstrations, there was an opportunity to bring transformation to the planet using its technologies in the field of education. The project seeks to bring innovation to schools, universities and institutes that teach knowledge of geography, history, biology and languages, assisting in teaching through immersive experiences, reinforcing compliance with the demands of the BNCC (Common Curricular National Base) and bringing greater awareness environmental and cultural for future generations.

“octaEra is an excellent tool for students from all over Brazil and the world to experience real, bilingual and immersive content in the classroom, at home and on their cell phones. We also have a subscription model on the online platform, for those who want to support our cause, our social projects and still access all of our experiences”, concludes Octavio.

About octaEra

octaEra is a Brazilian startup created by Octavio Tristan Morato Leite. Its objective is to present to the world experiences and learning through virtual reality, the metaverse. It allows the user to visit remote places on nature trails and villages of native peoples. At the end of 2022, in its pre-launch, it won the 4th edition of the QQSU award (Who wants to be a unicorn?), startup acceleration program, in the Innovation category.

To access the content and learn more about the platform, visit the official website:

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